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 eXtreme Soccer League!!!

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BeitragThema: eXtreme Soccer League!!!   Mo Jul 18, 2011 10:56 pm
You like playing css and you are a soccer fan ?
you are searching the challenge?
Then Join the eXtreme Soccer League .... the biggest ka_soccer league world wide
ka_soccer is a mod of the game Counter Strike Source
It gave you the feeling to play soccer like in the reality.
The XSL offers you a own ladder, cups and leagues where you can play vs other Teams.
Especially the leagues offer you a lot of fun and good soccer matches.
There are two division, where you and your team can play for the Champion ship.
The gaming rules of the eXtreme Soccer League (XSL) are simple to learn.
You play with your team vs other teams to make as many points as possible
For a win you gain 3 points, loss 0 points and draw 1 point
So you become the feeling you play for example in the English Premiere League or German Bundesliga and so on.
So the rules are that you play a 30 minutes match .. every half 15 minutes with a 1 minute pause.
Every Team have a lineup of 6 players. All matches are played on the XSL match server.
And every match has an referee who observes if the rules of the XSL are respected.
So the XSL set value on their rules to have an good organized league.

For more informations visit our homepage

You can also find us in our community groups on facebook,twitter or Steam!/xsleague

We would be glad to see you joining our league and playing the ka_soccer mod for css
to have the "real" soccer feeling!!!!!
For the beginning watch this >>>><<<<
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eXtreme Soccer League!!!
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